On July 22nd, the Generalife hosted the new edition of the Lorca and Granada in the Generalife Gardens festival... 

A rather long title behind which is hidden a Flamenco festival, covering all aspects of Flamenco and especially dedicated to the part Federico Garcia Lorca took in the development of this art.

Here is a photo of the premiere : 

The Lorca and Granada in the Generalife Gardens programme was created in 2002 by the Government of Andalusia Ministry for Culture and Sports, as a major cultural offer for Granada’s summer evenings, each year paying tribute to Lorca’s work through flamenco theatre and dance.

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A new visit to the Alhambra, a few photos more...

You have to admire the perfect alignment of the sunlight with the lines of the pool. 

Towards the Torre de Comares and the throne room :  


The Cuarto Dorado (or Golden Room) is the second place you will visit in your tour of the Alhambra, right after the Mexuar. You actually enter a small courtyard, with a fountain in the middle, where the sultan received its allies in the 14th century.

On the north side is the impressive facade of the proper "Golden Room" whose decoration was ordained by the sultan Muhammad V.

However, the place owes its name to the beautiful woodword ceiling in the south-side chamber, which is a work of the Catholic monarchs after the conquest.


The Mexuar is your first step in the visit of the Palacios Nazaris. Its name is derived from the Arab word Maswar, the place where the council of Ministers met with the Sultan. It was also the place where the Sultan dispensed the justice.

The construction of the place is thought to date from Ismail I (1314 - 1325) but has been altered a lot since then.

At the other end of the room, on your way to the Cuarto Dorado, you can see a little door leading to the Oratory, with its windows directed to the Albayzin. This is an oratory where the Muslims went to pray five times a day. One of the inscription on the wall comes from the Quran and says : "Come to pray. Don't be one of the negligent people."


One of the landmark of Granada. Located at the beginning (or the end, depending your way) of Calle Elvira, this is a remain of the walls of Granada in the Muslim period.

The name Elvira actually come from the pre-Islamic name of Granada : Iliberris.

Fundation Rodriguez Acosta

Have you ever wondered what was that strange white mausoleum on the southern side of the same hill that is host of the Alhambra? It is a white building, which looks like the little sister of the Alhambra, built a few centuries after by a crazy doctor. But it's better than that!
Fondation Rodriguez Acosta, top left corner, seen from the Campo del Principe.
Jose Marie Rodriguez Acosta was a Spanish painter from Granada. Scion of a wealthy family of bankers, he studied painting and specialized in nudes and natures mortes. However, in 1914, when he came back to Granada, he started to build the work of art for which his name will be really remembered.


Entering the district of the Realejo, just after the Calle Reyes Catolicos, you'll meet the statue of one of the famous son of the ancient Jewish quarter : Judah Ibn Tibbon.

Born in 1120, he was a physician but especially a translator. This statue is especially dedicated to his talent as a translator, a skill which was highly needed in a cross-cultural andalusian world. However, after the Almohad conquest of Al-Andalus, Ibn Tibbon fled to France. He died in Marseille in 1190.

Due to its low pedestal, the statue is not exempt from the ravages of tourism, and it needed a clean up a few months ago.


As I told last week, it's eventually Sevilla which has been chosen as a location for parts of the new season of Game of Thrones to come.

And the HBO production has lost no time in launching its juggernaut of a machine in order to have everything prepared by October.

The preparation will last 2 months and the shooting proper approximately 2 weeks, reason why there is no time to lose if you plan to send your curriculum to the production in order to be win an extra role on the set.

For this effect, HBO has outsourced the task of recruitment to the Malaga company Fresco Films.

Fans, actors or curious, you can send it at this email :  

More info here : 


Thursday 3rd of July 2014 : piano concert of Philip Glass inside the Palace of Charles V, in the Alhambra, at the occasion of the International Festival of Music and Dance of Granada.

The program included Metamorphoses, Mad Rush, Wichita Vortex Sutra (with recording of Allen Ginsberg).


Eventually, after a lot of wranglings and dealings and hopes, Sevilla and its Alcazar has won the Mexican Stand-Off opposing it to Granada and Cordoba for the rights of hosting the production of the next season of Game of Thrones.

For us in Granada, we'll just have the hope to spot one actor of two who could pass by Granada to have a photo shoot in the Alhambra. However, it must be said that Sevilla is a worthy winner :


"El nino de las pinturas" (also known as "SEX" for the grown-ups) is to Granada what Banksy is for London (without the political aspect maybe) :  a street artist who can give life to any decrepit wall with his brushes and spray cans.

Of course, this led to a few problems with the townhall, but his work has been definitely adopted by the population of Granada and to have one of his painting near home is generally very well considered.

He has currently an exposition in the Corrala de Santiago:

It's not possible to put all his painting in one post, so as a beginning, here are a few of them :


Depiction of human body being forbidden by the Muslim faith, the decoration of the Muslim palaces resorted then to three motifs : the animal world, the vegetal world, and geometric forms. The Alhambra offers a lot of exemples. Also, you can find calligraphy of Arab words and sentences (mostly dealing with Allah) hidden inside the motifs.